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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our most common questions are below

Is this for real?

Of course! We are car insurance specialists. Onoff Insurance is underwritten by a leading national insurance company that is registered and authorised by OJK.

Who can use Onoff Insurance?

Anyone with a valid car driver's licence. But Onoff Insurance will provide maximum benefit if you don’t drive your car very often, or if you now prefer to use public transportation or perhaps are forced to abide by the even-odd regulation. However if you DO use your car often, we won’t charge more than other car insurance companies, since OJK caps the maximum rate you pay. OJK is nice that way! In addition we currently only cover privately owned vehicles, but maybe in the future Onoff Insurance will also be available for commercial vehicles.

How does Onoff Insurance work?

Onoff Insurance is an On-Demand Motor Insurance product which allows you to upgrade coverage for the time you are actually driving. With Onoff Insurance, you pay a low premium for basic coverage when the car is parked and then comprehensive coverage can be provided for the actual time you’re driving. Every time you are about to drive, spend the Shields in your account and get enhanced cover for one hour time intervals. When you reach your destination, your extended cover will be over, and coverage will automatically revert to the basic cover.

What are "Shields"?

Shields is a currency system in the Onoff Insurance app. You can use Shields to buy your chosen insurance package and On-Demand protection when you actually drive. Top-up your Shields balance anytime using our secure payment system.

How is my premium calculated?

With a calculator... Using standard insurance variables like car value and the package you select.

How much money can I save with Onoff Insurance?

A LOT!!! It really depends on how often you drive. Typically if you drive less than 4 hours a day you could save up to 55% off the standard premium. If you are forced to leave your car at home because of the odd/even traffic restrictions then maybe you could save more!

What coverage do you offer?

We offer two types; a Basic package which is the cheapest and the Premium package that provides coverage for catastrophic risks such as earthquake and flood. Remember though, Indonesia lies on the Ring of Fire that makes it prone to earthquakes and Jakarta is very prone to flood and riot. Just saying...

Can I access authorized workshops with Onoff Insurance?

Repairs at manufacturers' authorized workshops are not available. However, Onoff Insurance's trusted partner workshops maintain quality of service by using original spare parts but at a cheaper price.

What if I want to cancel my insurance?

We will return the equivalent of your remaining Shields balance to your bank account and the pro rata share of the unexpired premium related to the package you selected. Having said that, we value all of our customers and would like to know if we can do anything to convince you otherwise. Please drop us a message to help with our continuing improvement. Hopefully one day we’ll be your choice of partner again.

Onoff Insurance seems ok, but I already have another car insurance

Other insurance policies should include an option to cancel mid-term (unless you have made a claim). Following cancellation, you should receive the prorated portion of the unused premium. We will assist you through this process if you prefer it. Simply drop us a message.

I have more than one car

We suspect you are currently paying a full annual premium for all cars, even though you can only drive one at a time. We don’t think that’s very economical and we think Onoff Insurance can be the perfect solution for your situation and can save you a lot of hard-earned money.

I have a driver who drives my car

For the time being, Onoff Insurance can only be used by the person who drives the car.

Where is Onoff Insurance available?

Initially, Onoff Insurance is only available in Jakarta and West Java. We hope to expand this to the rest of the country before long.

How to Purchase Onoff Insurance?

How to purchase Onoff Insurance?

Onoff Insurance Buying Procedure

  1. The applicant can fill Onoff Insurance application form in the app.
  2. PT Asuransi Artarindo will carry out underwriting and premium calculation based on the information that the applicant give through the Onoff Insurance app
  3. The result of premium calculation along with approved benefits and conditions will be delivered to Onoff Insurance and forwarded to the applicant.
  4. If the applicant agrees with the offer, then the applicant can submit the request to buy Onoff Insurance package through the app by completing data and information following SPPA (Surat Permohonan Penutupan Asuransi) and upload other supporting documents
  5. PT Asuransi Artarindo will issue the insurance policy and give the detailed premium invoice based on 4 points above. The information will be delivered to the applicants.

Where can I find the information about Onoff Insurance product summary?

You can get the detailed information about Onoff Insurance Product Summary in the following link Product Information Summary (PDF) Products Information Summary (INA)

How much do I need to pay for each claim's deductible?

The amount of deductible or the money you have to pay for each claim will depend on the number of claims that you've made.

Deductible tiers:

  • 1st Claim = IDR 300,000
  • 2nd Claim = IDR 600,000
  • 3rd Claim = IDR 1,000,000
  • 4th Claim = IDR 1,500,000
  • 5th Claim and so on = IDR 2,000,000 (flat)

If no claim is made for 3 months after the Insurance package renewal, the deductible will be lowered by 1 tier, and so on until it's back to the 1st Tier (i.e., 1st Claim)


How to Claim?

Claim Procedure
During the claim procedure, the policyholder has to complete the following claim documents:
1) Partial loss case
  a) Create a report including the accident chronology through the app
  b) Reupload the following documents if the stored/uploaded documents had passed the expiry date:
    i) Driver License of the driver during the accident
    ii) Car Registration (STNK)
    iii) ID card of the application account holder
2) Total loss case
  a) Create a report including the accident chronology through the app.
  b) Give the following original documents to Onoff staff:
    i) Car Registration (STNK), Title (BPKB), purchase invoice, receipt and a signed transfer of property letter
    ii) An accident report from the local police
    iii) A proof that shows that the Car Registration (STNK) has been blocked
  c) Reupload the following documents if the stored/uploaded documents had passed the expiry date:
    i) Driver License of the driver during the accident
    ii) ID card of the application account holder
3) Partial and Total Loss case:
  a) Upload the picture of damage and loss, give information about the estimated repair cost
  b) Submit a local police report if the loss or damage involves the third party or in the case of partial loss because of robbery
  c) Submit a letter of demand from the third party if the damage and loss involve the third party
  d) Submit other relevant documents that are requested for claim settlement